Megalodon Tooth

Fossilized teeth from Carcharodon megalodon can date back more than 20 million years and provide paleobiologists with valuable information about the evolution of ocean inhabitants like top predators, great white sharks. Not all biologists study things that are still alive today -- paleobiologists, evolutionary biologists, ichthyologists, and morphologists could all have experience with a megalodon tooth.


The study of living things is an accepted definition of biology but this STEM career path is as diverse as life on planet Earth and even beyond. Biologists often specialize in researching an organism of particular interest like entomologists and botanists while others may specialize in a field of study across organisms like geneticists and physiologists. Whatever the chosen interest biologists are critical to many sectors of the workforce including medicine, research institutions, conservation, law enforcement, politics, and education! One thing is certain, a deep curiosity and love of problem solving will take you far as a biologist.

By Serge Illaryonov ( [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons